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Yoga With The Kids

I cannot believe it has been over twenty years since I first stepped foot in a Yoga Class. I was working as a Personal Trainer at The Manhattan Beach Spectrum Club, which is now, The Bay Club. My life was full and I was speeding through everything. I was working full-time as a personal trainer while taking classes at a local community college and riding my bike back and forth from Manhattan Beach to Brentwood where I lived and also worked as a Nanny in exchange for rent. Someone suggested to me I try Yoga. So, I did and after forcing myself to stay through the entire class even though I thought I was going to die of boredom, by the time Savasana rolled around, I was livid. I was wondering, "Why in the world would you lie down in a room full of people to take a nap?" I had many gifts but sitting or lying still was not one of mine at the time. I was even known to sleep walk and talk back then, so resting in any shape or form was foreign to me. But something happened in that first class. Even though, I claimed not to like Yoga, I began to get a little curious about this concept of stillness. And, I didn't like the fact that I felt like I wasn't good at it. I was good at most things I tried but this Savasana thing (surrendering), that was something I had no clue about. A little spark of curiosity was lit in me that day and that little spark inspired me to keep showing up for class, one class at a time, until eventually my whole body lit up with a desire and passion to learn more about this ancient practice.

As I write this now, I am reflecting back on those days, and thinking about my three children, all of whom aren't really fond of "Yoga." They all say, "It's boring." But to me, it's like eating vegetables, I know that sometimes, we have to train our pallet to get accustomed to new tastes and textures. As their parent, I am not responsible for what they do...sounds crazy, right?!?? But, I am responsible for what I show them, tell them and for all of the opportunities and lessons I try to provide. And, sometimes, a little bribery, or a video camera will get them in on the action. In this video, I was attempting to produce something you and your kids could follow along with at home. I don't think we got to that level but we had a lot of fun in the making of these classes and that's what the practice of Yoga is really all about, "It's about being here now. Letting go of attachments to the outcome and experiencing the moment."

You can try to follow along at home or maybe take a peek and get a little giggle at how this expert Yoga Teacher loses control of her Yoga Students.

It's all good. Life is a process of learning, unlearning and doing it all over again!

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