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Welcome to The ARCHIVES from Enlightened Mommas!

Pour yourself a cup of herbal tea and look around. If you are into Parent Education, Yoga and the MIND, BODY, and Soul Chats, this is the page for you. If you are looking for BORN WONDERFUL® and everything that's NEW please visit my home page and blog. 

Erin DiMaggio, Founder of Born Wonderful®

Author, Researcher, Explorer, and Creator. 

BS Kinesiology, MA Spiritual Psychology

Certified Parent Educator, Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach, Certified Yoga Teacher, and Former Personal Trainer and Group Health Instructor - Current Guide For Born Wonderful® Circles and Soulful Movement Events

Enlightened Mommas' Blog Archive

Years ago, after earning a Certificate In Non-Violent Parent Education, I created an online social media platform for Moms called Enlightened Mommas. I wrote a lot of blogs and held space for Mommas online who were trying to learn how to parent in a way that ensures a child is raised with emotional intelligence and compassion. This page contains some of my original pieces on Parenting from The Heart. The soul knows that change is an essential ingredient for our evolution. With that prompting and the recognition that parents can't really parent from the heart if they don't feel connected to it, I decided it was time to use my training as a Yoga Teacher, Fitness Coach, and Spiritual Psychologists to help women and girls to love their bodies and connect with their core so they can experience compassion from the inside out. I got a new business name, Born Wonderful, and I spread my wings a little further. I have been offering in-person events at my home and in other sacred locations since  2016.  I have hosted over twenty gatherings for women and girls and I have had over 150 different women come to my home or other locations to experience Born Wonderful Movement. To learn more about Born Wonderful® Services and Products visit my home page:

When people ask me, "What do you do?" I struggle to find a simple explanation. I am first and foremost a MOM to three children, a wife, an entrepreneur, a women's circle leader, volunteer soccer Coach, and Brand Ambassador for Born Wonderful®. I think of all the hats I wear AND the one occupation that I dedicate the most to is writing. Whether that be books for my events, blogs for this page, or typing out volumes of research on the gut microbiome; I care less about the subject and more about changing people's minds to see a different perspective. Ernest Hemingway said about writing, "There's nothing to writing. All you do is sit down and open a vein and bleed." For me, that's what happens when my fingers touch the keys...everything pours out. So it is, to be a writer one must come to the acceptance that when we pour out our emotions onto a page some might feel as if we have bled all over them. For me, I don't see it that way. I see writing as the only safe place to truly transform from one thought to the next as we see the words bleed out onto the page we can recognize what pieces of our soul need to be heard and ultimately, healed. So, on this page, I have all kinds of thoughts that are mostly intended to help people to put themselves into each scenario and look for ways in which they can implement a new thought or action in their daily lives to bring about positive change. We cannot change what we do not take the time to see; for me, writing is my mirror. So it is, I am saving this page because it is an archive of all of my original articles. My writing has transformed lately into more political health commentaries about the state of the world as we go through the Pandemic it has lit a fire under my fingers with the passion to share my experiences as a HEALTH COACH AND as someone who has dedicated her life to healing.


You will find that my Born Wonderful® articles go even deeper into everything about the mind, body, and soul. My intention is to provide a Soul-Centered approach to JOURNALISM and to educate the public on our most basic needs: Human Connection, Personal Autonomy, Radical Health Responsibility, and INNER EMPOWERMENT. For my latest Articles on the Gut Microbiome and Human Connection visit or stick around here to read the archives from 2019 and prior. 

Love and Learning, 

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